Global Enhanced Cash is an open-end UCITS V compliant fund. The fund aims to capital preservation with the objective of generating excess return with respect to the European Central Bank short term rates.  The fund will invest in cash, cash equivalents and fixed income instruments, including but not limited to deposits, fixed and floating interest rate debt securities, issued by government and corporate issuers, with an average duration below 12 months.

Global Enhanced Cash received the LuxFLAG ESG Label* on 1st July 2021. This certification acknowledges GFG’s commitment in integrating environmental, social and governance considerations into its investment process, placing itself at the level of the highest international standards in terms of Socially Responsible Investments (SRI).

Fund Name:GFG Funds
Sub-Fund Name:Global Enhanced Cash
Fund Type:SICAV Luxembourg UCITS V (Open
Depositary and Paying Agent :Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) S.A.
Domiciliary, Registrar, Transfer and Administrative Agent :Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) S.A.
Management Company:Multiconcept Fund Management S.A
Morningstar Category:EUR Ultra Short Term Bond
Sub-fund Currency:Euro
Launch Date:5th March, 2020
Class I ISIN:LU1981743435
Class P ISIN:LU1981743518
Class PP ISIN:LU1981743609
Investment Manager:Roberto Scisci – GFG (Monaco) SAM
Management Fees:Class I 0.25% – Class P 0.35% – Class PP 0.45%
Performance Fees:15%**
SRRI Level:2

* investors must no rely on the LuxFLAG label with regard to investor protection issues and LuxFLAG may not incur any liability related to financial performance or default of the labelled fund. LuxFLAG ESG Label is valid from 1st July 2021 to 30th June 2022, subject to renewal.

**performance fee computed using the High Water Mark methodology. Please refer to the SICAV prospectus for the complete methodology.